The Dutch blockchain hackathon

During the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon I was a mentor of dozens of teams that developed blockchain solutions. During the weekend I was interviewed about the ecosystem around Blockchain in the Netherlands (video).

Last week-end I participated as a Blockchain expert during the “Dutch Blockchain Hackathon”, the worlds biggest blockchain hackathon up to date. During this event, 55 teams developed their usecase, their business-model and their software-solution in an effort to win the grand prize of € 10.000, within their track.

The hackathon consisted of five tracks that all represent a significant role in society: Energy, Pensions, Government, Identity and Entrepreneurship. All the teams used blockchain technology to create their solution.

During the three day event I helped out as a mentor for many of the teams and helped them build their usecase and figure out how they could implement their ideas using blockchain in a sound manner. After the realisation of the concepts I had a key role in the judgement process near the end of the event. An exclusive role that was called a ‘Blockchain Jedi’ during the weekend.

During the hackathon I was interviewed (4,5 min) and mentioned that the startups and entrepreneurs are the ones making the big difference in the blockchain space and society, not necessarily large corporations. The hackathon was a big success and offered the winning teams to join a accelerator program to enable them to implement their hacks on a broader level in society. I am glad I was part of this energy-packed event and wish the teams all the best with their future endeavours.