BUIDLing a secure & low budget Hardware Wallet

In April of 2019 I’ve joined the world’s largest Blockchain and AI hackathon to build a handheld device for doing payments using blockchain technology. It became an epic event of enourmous proportions and possiblities. Unimaginable for those not joining.

For the past two years I attended two Dutch Blockchain hackathons and the hackathon of the European Union as a specialist. At all three events I was coaching the competing teams and had part in the judging process. This year I attended to the Odyssey Blockchain and AI Hackathon in Groningen once more, but this year I came with a team to create a solution for the Inclusive Banking challenge.
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The Blockchain minor

Last week, together with Jordi Jansen, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Blockchain Realists, Ronald Mulder and Lykle de Vries. These are two blockchain specialists from the first hour and leaders in the Netherlands on the subject. This resulted in a very nice talk in podcast style.

During the 50-minute interview (in Dutch), Jordi Jansen and I talk about the minor about Blockchain that we have developed for students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, about the effort it takes to innovate in the educational sector and about the enthusiasm that blockchain education is currently unleashing.

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Regulating ICO’s in the EU

DAICO’s will empower individuals that use ICO’s for crowdfunding purposes and bring an end to some of the risks accompanied by current ICO’s. The proposed regulation within the EU unfortunately still focuses on the past paradigm and prepares the nation states for an unnecessary amount of paperwork.

Last week I was invited to join the discussion, at the European Parliament, about the way forward with regulating ICO’s in Europe. The debate was motivated by a draft report which proposed a new framework of regulation on crowdfunding through regular crowdfunding platforms and ICO’s.

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Cryptograffiti for a micropayment

The website satoshis.place has been thoroughly renewed and now offers the possibility to pay through micro payments via the Lightning Network. After years of innovation Bitcoin technology has overtaken the enormous influx of users and scaled the number of transactions per second to unprecedented heights.

In 2014 it was possible to pay with Bitcoin for a few cents per transaction. At the time many projects popped up online and so did the original version of satoshis.place. Originally inspired by the 2005 million dollar homepage satoshis.place was promoted as a free advertising platform that allowed users to claim some space on a webpage for a custom advertisement.

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The humbling experience of implementing Lightning Network

How joining the lightning network became an emotional experience.

Today I’ve joined the Bitcoin Lightning Network mainnet with my dedicated raspberry pi fullnode and suddenly realised what is really happening.

The Lightning Network is an upgrade of the Bitcoin network that allows the network to scale globally. As currently more people want to use Bitcoin than the network can handle, a long needed upgrade of the throughput finally makes its entry: the Lightning Network.
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The Dutch blockchain hackathon

During the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon I was a mentor of dozens of teams that developed blockchain solutions. During the weekend I was interviewed about the ecosystem around Blockchain in the Netherlands (video).

Last week-end I participated as a Blockchain expert during the “Dutch Blockchain Hackathon”, the worlds biggest blockchain hackathon up to date. During this event, 55 teams developed their usecase, their business-model and their software-solution in an effort to win the grand prize of € 10.000, within their track.

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How steem could turn youtube into a data storage facility

Recently a new social media platform called steem, that is powered by blockchain technology, spiked into existence. The technology could turn Youtube in a hollow video repository, merely used for storage.

Recently a new social media platform named steem went live and became available for anyone interested. This new platform allows users to post all kinds of stories, video’s, images, short twitter-like posts and even questions in search for an answer.

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