The Blockchain minor and the Blockchain Competence and Education Center

Last week, together with Jordi Jansen, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Blockchain Realists, Ronald Mulder and Lykle de Vries. These are two blockchain specialists from the first hour and leaders in the Netherlands on the subject. This resulted in a very nice talk in podcast style.

During the 50-minute interview (in Dutch), Jordi Jansen and I talk about the minor about Blockchain that we have developed for students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, about the effort it takes to innovate in the educational sector and about the enthusiasm that blockchain education is currently unleashing.

Blockchain Competence and Education Center

The success of the minor currently ensures that various companies, start-ups, government institutions, teachers and students from other parts of the Netherlands participate in various ways in Blockchain education and putting it into practice. The Blockchain Education Center (BCEC) arose from the need to support this development.

Learn more about the BCEC from 43:54 or view the website at

With big thanks to Lykle de Vries and Ronald Mulder from