Interview Bitcoin Magazine

Video of Wessel Simons interviewing me on various topics at the Blockchain Innovation Conference.

At the sixth edition of the Blockchain Innovation Conference I ran into Wessel Simons of Bitcoin Magazine. We had a nice chat about permissioned DLT versus permissionless blockchain, regulation, Facebook’s Libra, transition and the conference that day.

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Regulating ICO’s in the EU

DAICO’s will empower individuals that use ICO’s for crowdfunding purposes and bring an end to some of the risks accompanied by current ICO’s. The proposed regulation within the EU unfortunately still focuses on the past paradigm and prepares the nation states for an unnecessary amount of paperwork.

Last week I was invited to join the discussion, at the European Parliament, about the way forward with regulating ICO’s in Europe. The debate was motivated by a draft report which proposed a new framework of regulation on crowdfunding through regular crowdfunding platforms and ICO’s.

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The false dichotomy of Bitcoin maximalism

The term ‘Bitcoin maximalist’ should be replaced by the expression ‘sovereignty-maximalist’.

The term ‘Bitcoin maximalist’ has become mainstream within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space recently. As more people become acquainted with the term and have developed a sense of its purport, the more it gets used loosely and deviates from it’s proper meaning.

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The Geopolitics that will end the PetroDollar

The surge of crypto-assets and blockchain technology heralded the end of the PetroDollar. Recent insights in this transition -from atoms to electrons- show governments they need to act accurate and promptly or get left behind. Around the world jurisdictions such as the USA, Russia, Asia and the EU respond very different, as they try not to panic and react responsible.

As data swiftly becomes the primary asset in modern societies it is surpassing the importance of physical oil based assets; A remnant from the previous industrial age. With this shift a new base bearer instrument has sprung up: decentralised digitalassets, known as cryptocurrencies. According to Vladimir Putin, governments around the world are required to act informed and swiftly as those late to the race will lose independence to the leading nations of the blockchain space. 
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The developing conflict between regulators and crypto-anarchists

Recently I got married to the most wonderful woman on earth and enjoyed a great lengthy honeymoon. After returning home I found myself amidst an interesting mix of innovations, news and developments; together signalling a large conflict in the crypto-space.

Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve (FED) of the United States recently considered it fair to say that the American bond market is in a bubble that is not discounted in the market places. Irrational exuberance was the term coined by Greenspan in the nineties to explain that the markets were in a bubble. This time the term was appropriate to describe the markets again, according to the former chairman.

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Cryptocurrency regulation by identification is failing

While authorities around the world target the anonymity of digital currencies with impracticable regulation, the industry innovates at an exceptional speed, complicating effective regulation further. There is a better solution to the problems around regulation of digital currency, but it requires an innovative approach from the authorities.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) seek significant regulatory authority over the usage of digital currencies like Bitcoin. With a draft publishing, prepared by the EU Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs along with the Committee of Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs, MEPs are deliberating to extend the scope of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) to include digital currencies.

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